Dynamics Community

For those who may be new to CRM, or possibly even those who have been working in with it for a while, I’d highly recommend to engage with the wider CRM Community.

I’ll freely admit that even though I’ve been working with CRM for around a decade or so, I’ve only started engaging with the community for just over a year. Of course I’ve been on the various forums (Technet, StackOverflow etc) to try to find solutions to problems and situations, but I haven’t really done much more.

This changed with attending Summit EMEA 2018 in Dublin.

I was exposed to a wider number of people in different roles, all of whom love CRM. I’ve also signed up to my local CRMUG (User Group) chapter here in London, and have tried to attend all of the events that they’ve had on.

As a result of this, I’ve met some amazing and wonderful people, and made some great contacts (including several MVP’s). My aim now is to continue engaging and learning, and hopefully be able to give something back to the Dynamics community.

I’d highly recommend to look up your local CRMUG chapter and join them. You’ll be amazed at what you can learn, and the people you can meet with to exchange ideas, concepts and thoughts!

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