Why Ninja?

Some people may ask why I’ve chosen the title of ‘Ninja’ for this blog?

There are several answers to the question 🙂

Firstly, I’m a keen amateur motorcyclist (aka ‘biker’). For the last 6 years, I’ve been riding a Kawasaki ZX9R (2002-F model) motorbike (I’ve had others prior to this model).

Stock picture

Mine is the same colour as the picture above, though there have been several tweaks that have been carried out on it (by previous owners as well as well as myself):

  • Suspension adjusted by BN Racing
  • R&G Heated Grips
  • R&G Race Crash Bungs
  • Upgraded brake pads
  • Scorpion exhaust
  • Reduced height undertray
  • Innovv K2 camera system (https://www.innovv.com/innovv-k2 )

Some performance tweaks have been carried out as well. The 0-60 stock time has been brought down, and there are less than a dozen cars in the world that can beat it! (Plenty of other motorbikes though)

Separately, I’ve also had an interest in Ninjutsu for many years (martial arts). Ninjas needed to have extensive knowledge in multiple areas, as they needed to work on their own for extensive lengths of time.

Being able to have the knowledge of multiple areas is vitally important to knowing Dynamics, as it allows us to be able to deliver correct solutions

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