Training & Certifications

As many people know, it’s usually considered quite important to keep up to date with training and certifications. Sadly, although I’ve been doing the former, I’ve neglected the latter.

This is something that I’m now in the process of taking care of. Marvellously (where’s the sarcastic emoji when you need one!) Microsoft has now updated the curriculum. So most of the studying that I’ve done recently is now no longer applicable, and I need to re-do various things.

One of the best trainers that I’ve come across is Julian Sharp. Not only does he have one of the most impressive beards that I’ve ever seen across both devs and non-devs (see picture below, which isn’t up to date!), he’s been giving training for a LONG time. His approach is easy to follow, and although technical at times, is simple and clear to understand.

I’m currently enrolled in his MBP-900 Fundamentals course, which I’m thoroughly enjoying.

He also has a wonderful blog, located at . Take a look – it’s got some amazing resources published and linked on it

Another resource worth mentioning is Neil Parkhurst’s blog – When I started out recently on my learning and revision path, Neil’s site was extremely helpful with working out what I actually needed to take a look at

There are already a plethora of blogs and sites out there which have exam/revision content, so I’m not going to start my own (especially as I’m new to blogging).

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