Microsoft Business Value Management Day

I was lucky enough to be invited, as part of work, to join Microsoft at the London Paddington campus for a day focused on BVM (Business Value Management) for Dynamics. I was one of 30 or so people from several different Microsoft Partners that attended (saw other people I knew already, and made some good new connections).

Apologies that this wasn’t posted up last week – there were several factors that delayed writing this post, including our current kitchen installation. For those who haven’t ever undertaken to get a full new kitchen installed, be warned – it’s NOTHING like any other project (technical or non-technical) that you may have done previously. Any time forecast needs to be at least doubled, if not tripled. Thankfully we’re almost at the end of ours.

The day was structured well. It included some presentations (of course), but at more of a relaxed rate. There were challenges that we needed to work through, based around being involved in an airplane crash (kudos to the people who insisted they’d be able to walk through the snow at 5 miles an hour!)

The chart below shows the overall framework for working out what’s needed for each major stakeholder group

The aim is to fill it in (obviously). Some of the vertical items may overlap or be similar (eg reducing costs will generally cause an increase in revenue).

By inputting the different parts of this, we can concisely set out exactly what we’re aiming to do, how we’re aiming to do it, how we’ll measure the success of it, and what we are proposing to use to do it. It’s quite high-level, but at the same time very holistic, and can then serve as the blueprint for further detailed information.

Microsoft presented several case studies that they’ve been directly involved in using this model, and discussions took place as to how it can benefit the project.

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