Overview of the MS Consumer Stack

One of the things that I’m constantly being asked by non-technical people is to explain what exactly Microsoft has in terms of products (or applications), and how they can possibly be used.

Image result for microsoft technology consumer

There’s a lot of material out there obviously on the different parts, deep-delving into functionality, case scenarios, configuration etc.

However I haven’t come across one single location that provides a high-level overview of this (if anyone has, then please let me know!).

So together with a colleague, we’re drawing up an overall brief of the Microsoft Stack, as it relates to consumers (see note below). The aim of this isn’t to show full technical details for each product; rather it’s to be able to give people a taste, and expose them to parts of it that they may have absolutely no idea about.

Note: This is not going to be covering the development type items (such as SQL Server, Visual Studio) or operating systems (Windows OS, Windows Server OS).

A very good resource for seeing the overall landscape is https://app.jumpto365.com/ by Matt Wade and Niels Gregers Johansen. We’re going to be using the categories that they’ve grouped the applications into, for ease of use.

These will be posted as individual entries here, so as to form a series of posts.

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