Reflections on the last year (or so)

Whilst on the commute into the office this morning, I got to thinking about the last year or so, and how far I’ve come along in that time. If I went back in time to spring/summer 2018, I don’t think I’d have ever (accurately) forecast my development and status that I’ve undergone over that time (both personally and professionally).

A major impetus and assistance for some of the progression has been down to the wonderful people that I’ve met (as well as my family, of course). Without the network that I’ve built up, I would most certainly not be where I am now.

So this post is to say….

Image result for thank you

…to all of the people who I’ve met:

  • The Dynamics Community (CRMUG and others)
  • The MVP’s who I’ve reached out to with questions (ok – some of the questions ‘may’ have been silly, in hindsight!)
  • The SME’s who I’ve pinged to find out more
  • The people who helped me with setting up this blog (as I had no idea what I was doing)
  • The conversations where I joined in, even though it wasn’t directly relevant to me
  • All of the assistance with introductions and interviews
  • The training for taking exams (documented in blog posts here already)
  • The great suggestions
  • The social meets

And last but NOT least, to the support and patience that my family provided me with.

I can only pay back in a small part. What I can do, however, is copy your examples and do my best to help others as well – ‘Pay It Forward’ (which has been touched on before).

So if I may be able to help with something, even in a small way, please reach out 🙂

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